Join Us as We Celebrate 50 Years of Service for Those in Need!

CSS 50th Anniversary

Catholic Social Service is beginning year of reflection, celebration and thanksgiving for 50 years of service in Southwest Kansas, and YOU are invited!

What: A 50th Anniversary Mass and Luncheon

Where: The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
3231 N. 14th Street in Dodge City KS.

When: Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 11:00 am

Bishop John B Brungardt will be our Principal Celebrant and everyone is invited! This is an opportunity for the Catholic Social Service family to come together, regardless of whether you have adopted a child or have received other services through our agency, or you donate, volunteer and support our mission in other ways, we invite you to join us in celebrating, reconnecting and giving thanks for the accomplishments of the past 50 years.

Guests may attend Mass and lunch, or just the lunch. Click the button below to RSVP now! Reservations are requested by November 26, 2014. Guests may also RSVP by calling 620-792-1393, or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Catholic Social Service 2014 Annual Report
Thursday, 09 October 2014 00:00

2014 Annual ReportOver the past year, Catholic Social Service staff members have counseled women experiencing unintended pregnancies, supported and educated teen moms who are trying to become good parents, and have prepared couples who have opened their lives and hearts to adopt a child. We have taught individuals and couples how to communicate and nurture healthy relationships that will last a lifetime, and we have counseled individuals and families who are struggling to overcome and heal from addiction. We have worked to make sure that the hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered, and that basic needs are met. In short, we have continued our mission of helping those in need, regardless of their faith. Click here to read more in our 2014 Annual Report.

An Adoption Love Story
Monday, 06 October 2014 14:31


Ed. Note: Adoption is a wonderful gift. Though sometimes portrayed in negative ways by the media, most experiences of adoption are beautiful love stories—such as the one Jenny* shares below.

My husband Bill and I have been married for six years. Having children and raising a family had always been our expectation. By the time we were married, most of our siblings and friends already had children, so of course we were excited and ready to be parents ourselves. We soon learned, however, that having children of our own might not be so easy.

We made a few trips to multiple cities to be treated by wonderful doctors who have helped so many couples conceive, but everything we tried was unsuccessful. We felt so hopeless at times. Words can't even explain this experience of loss.

Fortunately, our marriage only grew stronger, because we were there for each other and continued to rely on God. This didn't always come easily, but it helped that Bill has a great sense of humor, and we were able to laugh at some of the crazy situations and conversations that come with infertility.

Demasiado Joven

Demasiado Joven is a 5 minute, informative, candid, emotionally hopeful, and uplifting video that explores teen pregnancy in the Latino community, as told by Latino teen parents. Updated with new data in 2013, it shows how teen pregnancy is connected to other social issues. Click here to learn more about how we are working to help Teen Mothers like those who share their stories in the video below.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Esta Soler on Domestic Violence

When Esta Soler lobbied for a bill outlawing domestic violence in 1984, one politician called it the "Take the Fun Out of Marriage Act." "If only I had Twitter then," she mused. This sweeping, optimistic talk charts 30 years of tactics and technologies -- from the Polaroid camera to social media -- that led to a 64% drop in domestic violence in the U.S.

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