Committed to Children for Life!

At Catholic Social Service, the open adoption process is the start of a life-long relationship between birth parents, adoptive parents and a child. Starting with your initial inquiry, through the adoptive process, and for many years thereafter, we are committed to providing you with expertise, experience, honest answers and the best support possible throughout your adoptive experience.

Regardless of whether you are a birth parent or an interested couple, please fill out the inquiry form below. Know that you inquiry does NOT obligate you in any way, but rather, enables us to provide all the information you need to start learning more about the process, keep your correspondence and application materials in the same place, and give you a chance to visually track your progress if you do decide to continue the adoption process. If you are pregnant, and you are not sure about whether you want to create an adoption plan, please click here.

For the latest adoption-related events and trainings, please click here

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